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   We Guide You Towards Asking The
   Right Questions  So You Can Know
   What The Right Answer Looks Like


You are an entrepreneur. Assemble 10 of your business owner friends, their friends, and their spouses, and sign up as a group. You and your spouse come for free. We provide everything else. That is a $3895 value, not including HST

Seminar agenda is three days (18 hours) long and can be custom designed to everyone's schedule.
Seminar fees are tax deductible and HST is refundable. 


We can help you design customized seminars hosted by you that are augmented by members of our team. Perfect for professional accountants, lawyers, mutual fund sponsors, banks, insurance companies and others who want to add to the presentations they make to clients .


We help Canadian cities and towns by empowering a group of local business owners and giving them a mission to improve their communities together. We can add this component onto your seminar should you so desire

   It Seems Everyone Wants To Be In Your Pockets

    Some for the short, some for the long run.

    Everywhere you look, businesses are out to make money. Some make selling promises
    they cannot possibly keep, but that are designed to make you hand over your money
    based on fear, greed, anxiety, guilt or some other emotion. Their sales patter is designed
    to funnel you through evoked emotions and a conversation they control towards yes.

    Some claim only they have the "Secrets To Success" or the "Easy ABC's",  but frankly,
    there aren't any. Not that there are no road maps, or time tested strategies that work,
    but they come in other ways

   Our Goal Is To Empower You To Take Charge

    No one is better at looking out after your best interests than you are.

    If you think financial and business advisors actually owe you a fiduciary duty, meaning that by
    law they MUST put your needs first, you are mistaken. By and large, the financial services
    industry has no such duty and you have no recourse except to find another advisor when you
    find their promises are simply empty ones. Of course the money you paid them stays behind. 

    We Arm You With Questions Only Wisdom Brings

    Our seminars help you build a better business and financial future by providing guidance and
    expertise and the roadmaps our collective experience brings, and we have the right questions
    that need to be asked, which is where it all starts.

    Of course it needs your dedication to make your vision happen, and a clear understanding of
    certain guiding principles, but we believe that because we insist on educating you AND your
    spouse, that as a couple you will continue to learn and inspire each other.

    You will also make new, like minded friends you can continue to learn and share with and
    who you can turn to for advice when you need it. As a business owner, you know your network
    is among your most important resources most valuable when you are looking for an answer. 
    Our Value Guarantee
    lf you do not believe, at the end of the seminar series, that the value of your empowerment
    exceeds the cost of the seminar, you will only be asked to pay what you think it was worth.
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Our Founding Team Of Presenters
Objective Independent Experienced Knowledgeable Reputable

John B Voorpostel CPA, CA, CMS

John has over 30 years experience helping Canadian business owners build successful
businesses and make sound financial decisions. In addition, John has
developed a unique
perspective on business resources, is a Management By Questions champion, and he has
pioneered the use of Communities of Practice as an important tool for owner managers to
build smarter, more valuable businesses. He is the founding Chartered Memory Steward
which goes beyond numbers to purposefully organized strategic resources, memories
& questions. 

Warren MacKenzie CPA, CA, CFP, CHFS

Noted author, personal financial planner and media pundit Warren MacKenzie has been providing  investment advice to Canadian families since 1987. Warren is a passionate advocate for investor education and complete transparency in advisor–client  relationships. He has delivered  hundreds of investment seminars to corporations and public-sector organizations over his career, and is often asked by the media to comment on personal financial issues.

Rick Spence    
Canadian Entrepreneur Blog    

Rick is an important Canadian small business voice as a columnist speaker, author, and consultant. Rick published and edited Profit Magazine where he interacted with and learned
from accomplished Canadian businesses and their owners. Rick taught New Venture Startup
courses at at Ryerson University and he is a regular contributor to The National Post.
Doug Robbins FCBI, MCBC, M&AMI, CM&A, CSBA, CMEA   

Doug  is a dynamic and  well-received speaker and workshop leader and one of North America's most respected business brokers. He is a widely  acknowledged authority on how to create a valuable business, has consulted to the Canadian House of Commons, has appeared numerous times on CBC’s Venture, and has written many articles and two books.  
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