The foundation of wisdom is knowing what questions to ask

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What Does Your Client Want Their Future To Look Like?

Together with their business or financial advisors, we help  business owners and their spouses make smarter decisions. As a trusted advisor to your clients, you know that there are no easy "Secrets To Success" or "Easy ABC's" because frankly,  there aren't any, but together we can provide the focused  "what needs doing and asking" to help them build a better business and financial future.  

Together, We
Can Help Make THEIR Future Happen

Of course it needs client dedication to make their vision happen, and a crystal clear understanding of certain guiding principles, but we help by providing guidance and expertise and the roadmaps our collective experience brings, and we have the right questions that need to be asked, which is where it all starts.


We Eliminate Blur By Asking Questions Wisdom Brings

Even the best business and  financial advisors  cannot  cover all their client's planning needs, leaving parts of their future unclear. We  help remove that blur because we can provide expert insight into both  their businesses  and personal  finances. This means you can choose how you want to augment your seminar. And because spouses are invited to attend, they will continue to learn and be inspired by each other, and they will put  to work at least some of the important things they learned. They will  also make a few new friends  who they can  learn with and from. And they will continue to share afterwards.


Align With Trusted Wisdom Experts Who Can Rightfully Claim To Be

Objective Independent Experienced Knowledgeable Reputable

Our Leading Canadian Trusted Wisdom Experts


John B Voorpostel CPA, CA

John has over 30 years experience helping Canadian business owners build successful businesses and make sound financial decisions. In addition, John has
developed a unique perspective on business resources, is a Management By Questions champion, and he has pioneered the use of Communities of Practice as an important tool for owner managers to build smarter, more valuable businesses.
Rick Spence    
Canadian Entrepreneur Blog    

Rick is an important Canadian small business voice as a columnist speaker, author, and consultant. Rick also served as publisher and editor of Profit Magazine where he interacted with and learned from accomplished Canadian businesses and their owners. Rick taught New Venture Startup courses at at Ryerson University and he is a regular contributor to The National Post.

Warren MacKenzie CPA, CA, CFP, CHFS

Noted author, personal financial planner and media pundit Warren MacKenzie has been providing  investment advice to Canadian families since 1987. Warren is a passionate advocate for investor education and complete transparency in advisor–client  relationships. He has delivered  hundreds of investment seminars to corporations and public-sector organizations over his career, and is often asked by the media to comment on personal financial issues.

Doug Robbins FCBI, MCBC, M&AMI, CM&A, CSBA, CMEA   

Doug  is a dynamic and  well-received speaker and workshop leader and one of North America's most respected business brokers. He is a widely  acknowledged authority on how to create a valuable business, has consulted to the Canadian House of Commons, has appeared numerous times on CBC’s Venture, and has written many articles and two books.  


Why Team With Us?


First off, you as the seminar host, and your client's principal advisor, will benefit from their increased success.

You will benefit financially as they make more money, and because happy clients tell their friends. You will also be seen as an associate of a team of highly respected and experienced experts in key areas of business and finance.

If you are a bank or wealth management firm, investment advisor, professional firm of accountants or lawyers, an insurance broker, or any other business that caters to business owners, and you would like to provide a valuable set of seminars to your clients, why not add even more value by adding the expertise that Objective Independent Experienced Knowledgeable Reputable business professionals can bring?


If you decide to engage only one of our Canadian Trusted Wisdom experts, we will happily pass you and your request on to that expert. If you decide to engage more than one of us, Info L inc will handle the booking and administration.

Info L inc engages in all of John Voorpostel's non regulated activities as a publicly licensed accountant, and is a Canadian leader in the development of Communities of Practice. Follow the Info L inc logo to find out more about us.



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